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Let's help a very kind soul :) READ DETAILS PLEASE

Random Acts of Kindness in San Diego

Hello dear RAKrs, We have a special request from one of our very active and involved members (Wiz) Homeless mans 3 small dogs needs SWEATERS -it's SO cold- CAN YOU HELP? (temperature was 48 degre! Puppies R COLD) He rescued three little dogs from...

Pacific Beach Networking Breakfast

Pacific Beach Networking Breakfast

Please join us for a fabulous networking breakfast Tuesday morning at The Broken Yolk In Pacific Beach. Each week members get together and give a brief live "commercial" for their business and exchange qualified business leads. Every...

Tue Beach VB Meetup

San Diego 2x2 Beach Volleyball Meetup

Winter hour. We change the start time to 3 PM. We don't have an event host for Tue and Thur. If anyone would like to host for either or both days, please contact me (Phil).

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Simplifying the Market

Simplifying the Market


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